Bilingual Classes

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At Te Papapa School we value bilingual education.  Bilingual education is most effective when families, the school and the wider community see it as good for students to learn a second language and to become fluent in two languages. This is called an “additive” approach because students are “adding” a second language rather than replacing one language with another. Research shows that additive approaches are very effective educationally and result in students becoming bilingual as well as biliterate – being able to read and write in two languages.

The research also highlights that becoming biliterate is the key to academic success. Students who are biliterate are more likely to succeed academically, they also end up knowing two languages rather than just one.


Te Rito

Te Rito is a Level 2 bilingual Māori class of year 4-8 learners, where the children are taught in Māori for between 51% and 80% of the time.  The curriculum taught is the New Zealand Curriculum with an in-depth focus on Tikanga Māori, Te Reo Māori and Te Ao Māori focused inquiry learning.  Te Rito leads kaupapa Māori strongly at Te Papapa School including leading Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori, karakia and himene, and whole school pōwhiri.  We value Marae Wananga which involves bilingual Māori students and whānau engaging in noho marae (in alternate years), immersed in kaupapa Māori.

We have appointed a junior enrichment/bilingual Māori kaiako for years 1-3, starting in term one 2020.  In addition, we will soon be upgrading Rooms 1 and 2 to create an innovative learning environment for bilingual Māori education at Te Papapa School.


Le Manumea

Le Manumea is a bilingual Sāmoan class of year 4-6 learners.  The curriculum taught is the New Zealand Curriculum with a strong focus on conversational Gagana Samoa and Fa’asamoa.  We have submitted an application to the Ministry of Education seeking to retain year 7 and 8 learners from 2020. We are awaiting the outcome of this.