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Matariki sounds like the waves crashing together matariki sounds like a rainy and stormy weather. I can hear them coming from mars I see seven seven beautiful stars I can hear them I can see [...]

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About Me

About me by Lenny Masima Tonga is so hot like it is on fire Oceans in Tonga are so blue that we can see through it Nice in Tonga because we eat nice food Good funny [...]

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I am by Fiailoa

I am I am a girl and a leader I wonder what my future has planned for me I hear birds humming early in the morning I see smiles everywhere I want to reach my [...]

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Tropical by Sophie

TROPICAL   T- Taste of the sun burning my skin R- Roaming my feet in the hot sand O- Oh, as I cool off with my icy cold drink P- Palm trees swaying side to [...]

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