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Why we need to maintain a healthy body By Mary:

Sometimes we don’t eat healthy and the more we eat unhealthy the shorter our lives will be. Also the less focused we will be on learning. When you eat eat unhealthy you become large because the products that you are eating can contain oodles of sugar or salt that isn’t good for our system. On the other hand vegetables and fruits have vitamins also minerals and protein. Eating vegetables and fruits will help you stay active and healthy. Secondly if you don’t maintain a healthy body you can teach your body system to weaken and become lazy. To prevent your system from becoming lazy, you can eat healthier and play active sports. In conclusion it is important to maintain a healthy body for a better future. So now I hope that my explanation has convinced you of why we need to maintain a healthy body.

Why do we need to stay really healthy? by Tanielu:

We need to eat a lot of healthy food to get a lot of energy. Exercise is very good because it helps us get fit and we can live longer. Firstly if we eat junk food then we will get fat and lazy with salt and sugar. Our bodies are weak and they can’t move so it’s very important to eat healthy food like vegetables and fruits everyday. If you want to run fast like Usain Bolt then you better get healthy food and get fit and you will have a lot of energy to run. Secondly, we will get healthy bones and bodies to make us amazing people. We will grow big and strong when we don’t eat a lot of junk food.



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