Improving our writing by Mokau

Today we were recrafting our simple sentences to enhance their meaning.  We wanted to add/change/delete/reorder to make our sentence sound better.


We had a range of moods we were trying to capture to improve the sentence “The boy went up the stairs.”

Can you guess the mood from the enhanced sentences below?

Joyfully the little boy sprinted upstairs to find out there was one million dollars in a brief case.

Sadly, sluggishly the young boy walked upstairs.  “Crash!” he foolishly rushed into a pole.

Nervously the pale little boy walked upstairs into the horrifying bathroom to find a bloody, creepy doll.

By Mokau

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  1. Sharon Hayward 10 May 2017 at 5:32 pm - Reply

    Well done my Moko Mokau Hayward Nan is always proud of you

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