How do bees make honey? By Nusi

We all know honey come from bees. I will be revealing how honey is made correctly.

Gathering nectar:

Bees gather nectar from flowers. The best season is spring, you can see nectar and pollen popping out of flowers. As they get to the nectar they use their long tongue to slurp it up, they need to collect nectar from thousands of flowers to fill their honey stomach. As they are returning to the hive enzymes turn nectar into honey. Bees also do a waggle dance to communicate where to find they nectar.

In the hive:

When the bee returns into the hive it regurgitates the nectar into a bee worker and they deliver nectar to each other in a chain. As it passes on to the end the last bee spits it into a honey comb. They beat their wings to dry/thicken the honey that’s in the comb. Finally they seal the thick honey with wax cap on top.

Later human beings wear safety gear and come to remove honey off the honey comb, after that process it will be moved onto storing in our supermarkets.

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  1. Mrs Curry 19 October 2016 at 8:39 pm - Reply

    Nusi I really enjoyed reading your writing about the honey bees. I had no idea they needed so much nectar to produce the honey. You used such descriptive language to describe the process of making the honey. I could clearly picture the process in my head. Well done!

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