Why do seas rise? By Lucas Chen

Why do seas rise?

There are multiple reasons to why the seas are rising and they can all be attributed to global warming.
The chief reason is that global warming melts the ice at the north and south poles. Then the excess water goes into the ocean which causes sea levels to rise. It can affect the land by forming floods which can destroy homes. Global warming is the increase of Earths warmth which is caused primarily by greenhouse gases.
Another reason is that global warming is changing weather patterns which are causing cyclones and tsunamis more often, as a result an increased number of city`s and houses are at risk of being destroyed.

A further reason for rising seas is attributed to the effects of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, these can create tsunamis and force water upwards because of the shifting tectonic plate which can force water upwards and create tsunamis.

As a result of this explanation it is now clear why seas are rising.

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